10 July 2012

The Taylor-Mohrs Healthy Travel Summary

Whether you are a frequent business traveller or are planning your summer break, we hope you’ll find some useful travel health tips in this summary of travel related websites. 
We’ve looked at sites from the Foreign Office, Net Doctors, The Guardian and you’ll find links to everything from what vaccinations to have, how to prevent deep vein thrombosis when traveling, business travel tips and a country by country travel health search facility. We’ve even added a guide to the world’s top 10 beaches if you haven’t already booked your tickets.
Don’t forget, Taylor-Mohrs is a registered Yellow Fever Centre and advises on travel health and vaccinations. So, once you know where you are off to - do get in touch if you have any questions.
Happy (and healthy) travels!
Ten tips for healthy travel
A good summary of the main health related things to consider both before and during travel - as promoted by the International Society of Travel Medicine.
Travel health tips from the Foreign Office
Another summary page covering vaccinations and immunisations, general travel health tips, coping with long distance journeys, what to do if you have pre-existing medical conditions, advice on HIV, AIDS and Malaria.
Foreign travel country selector
A very useful site from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office which allows you to select the individual country of travel to receive specific travel advice for that destination. This page also has useful links with advice on how you can renew a lost passport and the steps to take if you fall sick or injured abroad.
Five key tips for healthy business travel
A good piece by businesswoman Amanda Cook who describes herself as having survived 3 overseas relocations as well as extensive international business travel. This article discusses pre-travel diet and how to combat traveling across time zones.
Travel vaccinations guide
Not sure what vaccinations you need? The Net Doctor’s site will help you find out what's required. Click on a region to find the vaccination required for your destination. 
You might also like to know that Taylor-Mohrs provide most travel related vaccinations and are a registered Yellow Fever centre in Bristol.
Deep Vein Thrombosis prevention when traveling
This page by patient.co.uk explains what this is, who might be at risk and has a summary of the exercises that can be taken to reduce the risk of travel-related deep vein thrombosis.
The Guardian Best Beach Guide for 2012
When you have all the health issues covered and you’ve had those immunisations then for many, it’s off to the beach! If you haven’t yet decided - this is a great page with the Guardian Travel Editor’s picks for the Top 10 beaches in the world plus all the UK’s best beaches. 
Our own travel page
Taylor-Mohrs has its own travel page with more links for travel safety tips and details of the travel vaccinations performed by our own qualified medical and nursing staff. These can be given at your place of work or at our own consulting rooms in Clifton, Bristol.
To discuss any aspect of travel health or to arrange a travel vaccination appointment, please contact us at Taylor-Mohrs on 0117 906 4227 or info@taylormohrs.co.uk